Art & Copy is a monthly newsletter by step-sisters Anna Reishus and Rachel Lloyd about life as young working artists. This newsletter is just one installment in their history of collaboration, going back to when they were kids making up skits for their parents. 
From your perspective, what is the relationship between Art and Copy?
Rachel Lloyd - “I believe all art invites collaboration across mediums. When I look at a painting, I cannot resist the pull of narrative, the potential for a story. And when I read I am conversely drawn (pun intended) to the visual -  imagining the world of the story as a living image. The strength of cross-medium collaboration is clear from the vast archive of interpreted and reimagined texts. Art speaks to us of course, but also to and amongst itself. The enduring conversation between visual art and narrative is almost as long as human existence -- going back to cave paintings and the oral tradition -- and it is one we hope to manifest and dramatize in this newsletter.”
Anna Reishus - "There are some things better expressed in art than writing, and when words are no longer enough to capture an emotion, art can step in to fill that ethereal space. Conversely, words can create context and add depth to an image, and a cleverly composed work of prose can create a feeling of satisfaction that is unique to reading. A perfect example of art and copy working in harmony are comics, and some of my favorite illustrations I’ve done were for my webcomic. Comics constantly balance knowing when to use dialog and text to illustrate a scene, and when to let the art speak for itself.

About Anna Reishus
Anna grew up in a suburb of Boston (in the same house as Rachel, coincidentally)* and fostered a love of visual arts from an early age. She enjoys making art of all sorts and has dabbled in many mediums from ceramics to crochet to traditional illustration. Anna attended Northwestern University for Film production and Art, where she learned that though she loves filmmaking, she loves drawing even more. Currently, Anna works for the video game company One More Multiverse designing a library of vector icons, and she also draws the webcomic Pumpkin and the Patch. You can find more about her on her website, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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